Hi – this is me! The One and Original Cin!

My journey has taken some interesting twists along the way. After graduating college (summa cum laude) in 1984 with a BS in Animal Technology, I had planned to go to veterinary school. However, I decided instead to enter a Certificate Program in Graphic Design & Visual Communications. I had always loved to draw and create art, so this seemed to be a natural progression. This program was undertaken before the advent of computer graphics, so I learned the old school method of mock ups and creating mechanical boards. Boy things are much easier now!

Working for the same medical device manufacturer from 1988 to 2021, I have experience in creating brand identity, advertisements, brochures, web sites, and trade show displays. In addition, I became the head technical writer for the company leading me to complete one of the first online Masters degree programs in Educational Technology Leadership.

My most recent educational foray has been into Interior & Landscape Design. My interest in this field was sparked by the purchase and renovations of my own house. In 2019, I enrolled in the Certificate Program offered by the Interior Design Institute, just to help me along with my personal projects. To my delight, I found a have a very strong affinity to spacial planning and the general intricacies of material, finishing, and furniture selection.

I love watching all the interior design and renovation shows on HGTV. I am also a complete computer nerd and truly enjoy learning new programs and new technologies. I am mostly self-taught on all computer programs and am constantly learning and growing. If I don’t know something I love to figure it out!

In the Fall of 2021, my position was dissolved, so I found myself at loose ends. After 5 months of searching and getting just one interview (the older you get, the harder it is to find a job!), I landed at the Greater Cape Ann Chambers of Commerce in Gloucester as the Director or Marketing & Communications in March of 2022. I love working with the local communities and very much enjoy meeting so many new people. This position keeps me very busy so I do not have much time for freelance work, but I could possibly take on some small graphic design projects!


  • Create storyboards
  • Create shot lists
  • Scripting


  • Set lighting
  • Shoot video
  • Camtasia Studio (software screen captures)


  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Aftershot
  • Camtasia Studio (software capture edits)

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